Last Week

Hey readers!

Sorry I was MIA last week! So much happening here at the JDRF and it was exciting being caught in the middle.

Last week I worked on several different projects. My main project, that I’ll be working on all summer, is restructuring our Asset Management site. This is such a huge project and I’m honored that they’ve asked me to take it on this summer. Its three weeks in the making and the project is coming along smoothly! The team that I’m working with are incredibly helpful and I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with.

In addition to a few other side projects, I’ve been doing some work for Children’s Congress. Some of it included proof reading final documents heading out to print and making sure all of our ducks are in a row for things happening at the event. I can’t say too much about these projects, but feel free to read about our 160 delegates and what they are going to be doing in DC in a few weeks –

I’ve learned that I love working in a non-profit organization. This week has shown me what it’s like to work at a organization that exists for a greater good. I’ve always had a heart for volunteering, it’s something that we (my brothers & I) were always doing as kids – whether it was through church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or even missions trips. The difference is that this “behind the scenes” work that I’m doing is equally rewarding. It’s a great feeling when you leave work at 5 pm to know that you are working on helping other people understand type 1 diabetes through marketing tools, helping other people feel empowered to stand in front of congress for change (Children’s Congress), and helping our fundraising events market to the community.

Not many people can say they enjoy going to work 9-5 everyday – but I can!

Finally added some color to my desk - with ALL the flow charts!
Finally added some color to my desk – with ALL the flow charts!

Until next time,

-Insulin Powered Intern


One thought on “Last Week

  1. So happy that you’ve found what you love! And that you have your own cubicle (which looks awesome)! And that you are so busy living your fabulous New York adventures that you can’t keep your blog up (it can wait, adventure can’t)!


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