A Little Bit of Everything

Hey readers!

Here at the JDRF, we have been quite busy in the Creative Services department! With Children’s Congress less than a week away, we have been finishing and finalizing every last detail.

I continued with a side-project I’ve been working on for awhile with specific delegates. The JDRF is in need of promotional/marketing videos and photography to use throughout the year. We selected delegates to participate, but the only problem is that these kids have probably never met and might be a little uncomfortable taking pictures with people they don’t know! They also range from ages 4-17, which makes things challenging. So, to make everyone more comfortable and to get to know each other I came up with icebreaker games. The older kids are going to play a “Diabetes” rendition of Jeopardy. We even bought buzzers to make the game more exciting! I can’t wait to see the pictures that come out of that excitement!

Meanwhile, the JDRF is also releasing, internally, their official Brand Book in a few weeks. I mentioned this book in a previous blog post. After this week, just call me a JDRF brand expert. The book has gone through several edits and piece-by-piece it is coming together. I worked on verifying edits were properly made and checking consistency of naming conventions and colors. At least to me, this 60 page book is fascinating.

Lastly, my summer project is coming along! I started the HTML code this week and its running smoothly. There are 100+ pages that will have to be individually coded for page-specific information. Luckily, a good chunk of those pages have the same base code which will make this process a little bit faster. I won’t bore you with more HTML talk…

I really am loving my job and will be genuinely sad to leave. It’s absolutely crazy to believe that it has already been 7 weeks.

The IT intern, Erika, put together this video that I really like. It sums up what all the NYC JDRF interns are up to. If you have a few minutes to spare you should check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87EJq6M3vmk

Until next time,
-The Insulin-Powered Intern


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