Wait…I’m an Intern?

It’s hard to remember that I’m an intern when the company I work for treats us so well. They have so much respect and care for us and it’s refreshing. 

This past Thursday we had lunch with the CEO. Yes, just the 7 interns and the CEO, food and an hour of time. It was an awesome experience. We discussed our work at the JDRF but more importantly he asked us for opinions on how the JDRF should move forward. One specific topic being the controversial issue with CrossFit and their slander towards Type 1s, Type 2s and the JDRF. He valued our opinions and wanted to understand who we felt. (If you are unaware of this issue, please read my blog post “Perception of Diabetes”) We were asked about other parts of the company, which I’ll leave in that conference room. It was amazing to be asked these important questions as an intern. Our views and opinions are important. I don’t know many other CEOs that would sit down with their interns and ask their opinions… 

As if lunch wasn’t enough, Derek invited us to his office Friday to watch the USA Women’s World Cup Parade. This was a ticker-tape parade, which if you’re like me and aren’t aware of what that means, I’ll explain. Basically, it’s a parade where offices surrounding the route can throw shredded paper aka confetti out their windows. Yes, that’s a lot of privilege. It’s amazing how much paper was thrown into the streets. The parade itself was very nice and the experience of watching it from above was incredible. 

The past two days have shown the true value of this company. They genuinely care about their employees and our experiences. 

This weekend/beginning of the week is children’s congress! Most of the office will be down in DC for the event but this doesn’t stop us interns from working hard! 

I’m still working on the redesigns/code for the new asset management system as well as little side projects with the Brand Book and Galas. 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

Until next time, 

The Insulin-Powered Intern


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