Children’s Congress & OneBrand

Happy Friday everyone!

Can you believe that this was my 8th week at the JDRF?! That means I’m official 2/3 through the internship, with only 4 weeks left! I don’t understand how time has flown this quickly.

This week was a little slow to start out but ended with lots of projects.

Children’s Congress was earlier this week, which meant most of the office was down in DC helping with the event. From the stories I have heard, it was an incredible week! The kids got to meet with their senators, or embassy ambassadors, take a trip to Capital Hill for group photos, listen to a hearing and meet several celebrity diabetics. I’m a little jealous!

I helped out in NYC by downloading all the pictures from each event, to stay organized and prepared for when everyone came back to the office on Thursday. It was fun to see everything happen from New York. The kids looked like they had a blast and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime for them. Their expressions in each photo say it all!

In between downloading pictures, I continued working on my OneBrand project. I coded a total of 165 pages for the site. That leaves me with testing all the pages, fixing any errors and ensuring that every page is cohesive. Hopefully by the end of Monday I will have everything fine-tuned and ready for the next step. It has been awesome watching the progress come along and to be able to see the finished product in site. Although the official launch date will be after I have left, I’m hoping that it is so close to finished I won’t be missing much!

I’m looking forward to sharing the progress with you next week!

Until next time,
-The Insulin-Powered Intern


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