Picture Perfect Day

Hey readers!

Today was probably the most exciting, educating and interesting day I’ve had thus far. My boss, Nikki, invited me to go to a photo shoot that was planned for a special JDRF project. This photo shoot has been in preparation for weeks. I’ve been involved in the past two pre-production meetings and today was the day to see all the hardwork come together.

The day began around 8:30 am at the studio in the Flat Iron District and ended around 5; although the crew arrived around 7 am and left around 6 pm. When you first walked in, the seemingly studio apartment had been turned into a full-fledge production studio. We had 7 shots to take, each with a slightly different “scene”. Being a health-related company, a few of the scenes were in a “doctors office”. It was incredible to watch a corner of an empty room quickly dressed with props including posters, a sink, a framed medical degree, and down to the little details of soap, tongue suppressors, and q-tips. It looked like a legit doctors office.

Each scene took around 30-45 minutes, a few even longer. Each scene had new models and a new props related to the concept of the image. Each model was selected in a pre-production meeting. The most interesting selections were the ones of a parent and a child – you have to make sure the child and parent look like they are related. Its surprising to see how different the head shots can be to the actual model. Despite these surprises, each picture was fitted to our purpose and worked to our plans.

Every aspect of the entire day was fascinating. The amount of work that goes into picking wardrobe, selecting cast, makeup and hair, arranging props, playing with different angles, lights and lines, down to the details of meals and snacks. The amount of planning on the production company’s part is incredible. It truly took a highly dedicated team to pull off all 7 shots in just 11 hours of studio time, including set up and clean up!

I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities JDRF has given me and this experience today was one I will never forget. I look forward to the day this project is released and I can see how everything turned out!

Until next time,
The Insulin-Powered Intern


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